Mapping inter-module imports with importopoi

Visualising module connections within a package

Table of contents

  1. Prior art
  2. Recursive module graphs
  3. TDD for software that runs on code
  4. Four

Contextualising Python packages

While developing a Python package-ish structure recently, I spontaneously plotted out a graph of the modules (nodes) I was working with and then a directed graph on top of it, where an arrow means "has one or more things imported into". So module defining a class A, which is imported into module would be a graph ab.

After recently finding the diagrams package for visualising network architectures, I wanted to use or make a similar Graphviz package for this. It doesn't seem like good solutions exist, so I chose to

The blog posts herein detail the library I put together to do this, importopoi.

pip install importopoi

Thanks for reading! 🚀